Episode 6

Published on:

29th Mar 2023

Ep.6 Solo Episode with Mabel Frias: 6 Tips for Business Travel

Bienvenidos, and welcome to another LUNA MAGIC podcast solo episode with your host, Mabel Frias. Today’s focus is on preparing to travel for an extended amount of time as a business owner. Here are 6 tips (business and personal) for entrepreneurs who are traveling:


  1. Trust - Trusting my team to take care of the business when I’m away.
  2. Content Planning - Marketing through social media is essential these days, and this trip is an opportunity to gather interesting content. 
  3. Networking plans - Before, during and after the event there are new business connections to make and industry friends to re-connect with.


  1. Emotional & mental preparation - Traveling takes a toll on you. Mental and physical preparation help to minimize fatigue.
  2. Childcare - If you’re a parent, there’s coordination you have to do to make sure your children are taken care of and their schedules are not disrupted.
  3. Fun - don’t forget to have fun! Making time to explore a new place and create memories is a must.

To supplement today’s conversation, here are 3 resources I recommend to you:

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