Episode 9

Published on:

16th Aug 2023

Reinventing Your Future: Thatiana Diaz on navigating the beauty world as a storyteller

Bienvenidos, and welcome to The LUNA MAGIC podcast. Today we have a very special guest on our podcast show -  Thatiana Diaz, editor in chief at Remezcla, beauty expert, and former Miss New York USA 2015. 

Thatiana joins us to discuss the uniquely first-generation experience of planning your future with your parents in mind, the ever-evolving field of beauty, and ultimately following your passion.

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About the Podcast

The LUNA MAGIC Podcast with Mabel Frias
The LUNA MAGIC Podcast with Mabel Frías
My name is Mabel Frías and I'm the co-founder of LUNA MAGIC, a multicultural beauty brand with a mission to deliver quality cosmetics at great prices. LUNA MAGIC is available on lunamagic.com, and Target, Walmart and CVS stores nationwide.

As a mother, sister, friend, and beauty boss, I am excited to share authentic insights on the journey of building our business as a first-time entrepreneur, while highlighting the amazing people and like-minded brand leaders that shape our community. We hope that through sharing our collective perspectives, we can provide you with winning business tips, and inspire you to create more beauty and purpose in your life.